Ben Kersley is Sweden’s only svengelska stand up comedian.


5 films for the IFS World Conference

A series of five short films I made for the IFS World Conference in Barcelona. The production company was Leon in Norrköping and we had great fun filming as I’m sure you’ll see. The scripts were by Mattias Hjelm (with collaboration by me) and photography by Sebbe Lindblad. All five films are on a playlist here.

The body of The Honey Monster

In my time, I’ve been the body of The Honey Monster, danced live for Guinness and humiliated myself for Twiglets. (Twiglets and Guinness were part paid in the products themselves). In Sweden, it’s all about the Fredagsmys.

OLW 2011 made by B-Reel

Rädda Linköping från tristessen

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